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About Esa

It's my hope that my paintings, like poetry, are saying something you already knew and wanted to say but didn't know how. The message is joyful, and exuberant color reflects my temperament. I am an unapologetic optimist and extrovert and I want my artwork to make you feel better about the world and your place in it, which is why I call my style Jubilationism. It's like the year of Jubilee when all is forgiven and happiness reigns!


I became a professional artist at thirteen by selling drawings of girls in bikinis for fifty cents to boys in my junior high school. When I was ordered to the principal’s office, and my mother invited as a witness, I was surprised to learn that scantily-clad girls (while of extreme interest to teenage boys) were inappropriate subjects for emerging artists and their young patrons. That clash didn’t stop my drawing females. I simply got better at marketing them in places besides the hallways at school.


I’ve experimented with many genres, but my favorite subjects are those from my own imagination such as my latest series of paintings titled, “Sistas Doin' It For Themselves", (see: I Got This, Breaking Through, and Lady In Red on the Prints page).

My husband Terry has always been my biggest fan and my muse. We love sharing life together. We always make it a point to live in stimulating surroundings and have restored older homes in St. Paul, Minnesota; Bloomington, Indiana; St. Augustine, Florida; and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We currently own a gallery in a restored historic downtown building (ca. 1904) in a small city in the lake district of northern Wisconsin, and live above it in a loft apartment of our own design. The gallery features my work plus other fine art and craft purchased from creatives regionally and around the world. I also restore old paintings and am a custom framer. In other lives, I’ve worked in radio and TV and have been a professional singer, a motivational speaker and published poet.


It is my mission to impart a sense of happiness and well-being through creative expression in whatever form that takes.

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"Some precious times my talent is like a winsome sixteen-year-old girl with a toothy grin telling me I can do anything, calling me to create, and like a siren she woos me with a lusty song. But most of the time she’s a naked screaming shrew, reminding me that I haven’t even begun to please her, all the while carrying a suitcase full of scorn."
        "I embrace them both!" Esa 2021

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