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Busy Breaking the Mule

Updated: May 6, 2020

Ah summer in Wisconsin. I’m just so glad to see her here, the trees leafed out and hearing the May peeps, well I just feel like dancing. When summer is so luscious, it’s hard to remember the winter with its needs and whine inducing cold.

I saw a quote by the ancient Greek poet, Hesiod, that encouraged having a plan when summer was not here, and frankly I have the same feeling! “It will not always be summer; build barns.”

Which is why I have several projects on my plate. I’m working on multiple paintings of my own for the gallery and as a result my poetry writing has suffered for lack of contemplative time, but I recently bought a book of Tang Poems and have been so inspired I’m trying to spend some time every few days to write.

I’ve included one poem in this blog that seems to fit the quote by Hesiod.

Gotta run. My muse is calling.

I’ll see you soon!


Breaking The Mule

“Why do I do it?” is the question I ask myself.

Maybe it’s the Missouri Ozark hillbilly in me.

That overwhelming urge to jump a stump

which causes this impulse to throw my head back

and howl like a coon hound,

dig nightcrawlers by the light of a full moon,

plant rhubarb in February and

keep a turtle in my basement.


But I tell you that when I wake up

to the cool of the morning

and feel his warmth still here,

see these prairie blue skies,

hear the church bells ring

the news that the witch is dead,

I throw my leg over the

bucking mule of my day

and hang on for dear life. 

By: Esa Everroad

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